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December 25, 2011
  • I live in Somewhere Dark and Depressing
  • My occupation is Failure & Fallen Angel
  • I am Blue Awesomeness
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More about me

My favorite Main Series Pokemon game is either Pokemon XD or Platinum. i don't like bullying or vandalism! My favorite Pokemon Spinoff game is PMD: Exporers of Sky.


Awesome Quotes

  • "Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword" MetaKnight
  • "it all comes down this! My fate, Planet Vegeta's, Kakarot's & yes your's too Frieza! We settle this here!"
  • "We have to gather more intellegence before we act, it's to dangerous!" Trunks
  • "The only destiny i believe in is the destiny that i make for myself!" Trunks
  • "Your evil deeds are the poison that makes you weak!" Goku
  • "So this is how my story ends after all, Goku was unable to make it in time to prevent Piccolo's death but in his last moments my dark counterpart outshone even me, an encouraging thought." Kami
  • "Let's just hope that when you come to your senses there will still be a world left for us to save" Piccolo
  • "i am a saiyan who was raised on Planet Earth, & in the name of every saiyan that you've made suffer, for them & the people of Planet Namek too, i will defeat you!" Goku
  • "Foolishness must be a virtue on Earth, you all seem to value it so highly" Frieza
  • "if the world becomes my enemy, i will keep fighting like i always have!" Shadow

Other Quotes

  • "it's a giant mushroom maybe it's friendly!
  • "You mean the big scary rock isn't coming to give us cookies" Crow

Action Replay Codes

Heart Gold & Soul Silver

62111880 00000000, B2111880 00000000, 10025D90 00000XXX, D2000000 00000000: Play as Codes, (replace the XXX value with what you want to play as) 006 = Lass (Platinum), 164 = Chuck, 165 = Jasmine, 177 = Blue, 160 = Falkner, 161 = Bugzy, 16A = Bruno, 16B = Karen, 181 = Giovanni, 03B = Waiter, 055 = Smashable Rock, 054 = Strength Boulder, 03E = Rich Boy, 03F = Rich Girl, 07E = Roark, 081 = Maylene, 080 = Crasher Wake, 084 = Byron, 083 = Candice, 085 = Volkner, 091 = Mira, 094 = Rival (Silver), 0D2 = Ruins of Alph Wall, 0D3 = Red, 0DD = Rocket Female, 0DE = Rocket Male

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