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Gigalith BW This user was a candidate for User of the Month in February 2011.

I've been around for some time now. My main edits usually include adding sprites and learnsets for Pokemon. I'm currently doing Generation V Pokemon at the moment. I nearly have 800 edits (according to the number of edits thing on top), so that means I might be a PokePower member soon. Although I don't do as many edits as frequently and as awesome as users such as Gaehwasan and I seem to procrastinate heaps, I do my best to get this Wiki to the higest status possible, heck I've even made a template (which personally, I'm really happy about). I have recently been spammed by another user due to me following the rules though, so I'm a bit shaky now and I may not edit as much as I have been, but I will keep on going and help the community. If you have any problems with certain page edits and such, contact me on my my talk page as I will probably help in some way, even though I will take some time to get started.

My Pokemon status is a bit, sort of n00by. At the moment, I only have one Lvl 100 Pokemon (which is my Swampert) and the rest that I've actually trained aren't even above level 70 yet, just around level 50-60. I also don't have access to Wifi, so don't go asking me if I want to go on the GTS or anything. Sorry.

So that's me, if you have any problems that don't involve admin rights, then feel free to ask me.

My Pokemon Black Team

Sprite Serperior BW Stoutland BW Simipour BW File:Unfezant BW Sprite Male.gif Zebstrika BW Boldore BW
Species Serperior Lv. 55 Stoutland Lv. 51 Simipour Lv. 51 Unfezant Lv. 51 Zebstrika Lv. 51 Boldore Lv. 52
Learnset Slam
Giga Drain
Leaf Blade

Ice Fang
Take Down




Air Slash

Quick Attack

Flame Charge

Wild Charge

Stone Edge
Iron Defense
Smack Down


My Pokemon White Team

Species Samurott (Lv. 46) ♂ Excadrill (Lv. 45) ♂ Lilligant (Lv. 45) ♀ Zoroark (Lv. 45) ♀ Archeops (Lv. 46) ♀ Reuniclus (Lv. 45) ♂
Sprite Samurott BW Excadrill BW Need to insert Lilligant Image... Zoroark BW Archeops BW Need a Reuniclus image...

(After Ian Thorpe)

(Spyro: Hero's Tail)
(Based off Japanese flower)
(Altered Female Spy Name)
(Based off Ptera)
Victor (Based off Victor Chang)
Learnset Surf
Razor Shell

Rock Slide
Hone Claws

Sunny Day
Solar Beam
Sleep Powder
Giga Drain
Aerial Ace
Faint Attack
Shadow Ball
Quick Guard
HP Flying
Focus Blast

Archive: User:Violo/White_Team_Archive

Update 25/3/11 2:00pm: Sorry for not updating for so long. I updated my team but not my current position. At the moment, I've challenged but lost to the Elite Four (stupid Marshal) and now I'm training my Pokemon to level 50. You may not see it, but I'm also training up a Mienfoo that currently knows Poison Jab, Jump Kick, Calm Mind and U-turn. I first got it at Iccirus City and it became my strongest Pokemon for a bit before I got Martha back and started training her. I got the egg from Route 18, but as soon as I got it, I shoved it into my box and it hasn't moved. Oh yeah, in my previous update, I managed to find all of my Pokemon started to get PokeRus, starting with Martha. I'm not sure it's part of the event, but my old Pansear still has it contagious in the box and I think my Mienfoo has it as well. I also figured out my game doesn't need WEP security to work now so I can probably get on the GTS post game to try and trade away a Zorua (keep on the lookout). But I'm distracted by Star Wars: KotOR so I may play on the weekend. I hope I eventually get something out of this next battleagainst the E4.

Update 14/3/11 8:30am: I haven't updated in quite a bit and it's shown. I wanted to keep an qual gender ratio in my team, but I'm finding it difficult to find a female Solosis. I also caught Zoroark from the Crown Beasts Event, and that girl is strong. I named her Martha after a (apparent) female spy, Marta. Victor took way too long to level up until it hit level 25 where it learnt Psyshock. Victor is now one of my strongest Pokemon, although his health stat is a bit low at the moment, so most things can take him out. I've beaten Clay just then and I've received Fly from Bianca. The only problem is that Aaken doesn't learn Fly until level 40, so I'm looking for a decent flying type to use instead. I'm thinking of getting Volcarona, but Larvesta doesn't evolve into it until it hits level 59, so I may use it for post-game events, but at the moment, thinking of something else, maybe Braviary.

Update 12/3/11 4:30pm: Been grinding a bit trying to go through a few things after the Munna incident. I was going to update before I got the Scraggy, but I had no time. I may teach her Cut soon just to even her out. I also got Petilil since it's one of the Pokemon I really want on my team (even has Own Tempo) and it knows Sleep Powder and Mega Drain. Also, Ian evolved and I taught him Retaliate since he's my highest level Pokemon at the moment. There is literally no experience in Alexa so I'm getting teh Amulet Coin at the same time as levelling her up (hopefully). After this, I aim to try and get Victini, but I can't seem to find the ship, strange huh. :\

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