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{|class="infobox" style="{{roundy|20px}} width:17em; border:solid 2px {{{backcolor|#95d5aa}}}; float:right; text-align:left"
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|valign="top" style="{{roundytl|20px}} background:{{{color2|#95d5aa}}}; color:{{{textcolor2|black}}}; width:140px"|'''Name'''
|style="{{roundytr|20px}} background:white"| Ty
|valign="top" style=" background:{{{color3|#95d5aa}}}; color:{{{textcolor3|black}}}; width:140px"|'''A.K.A'''
|style="background:white"| Zam<br>Zammy<br>Zamorak<br>yw
|valign="top" style="background:{{{color4|#95d5aa}}}; color:{{{textcolor4|black}}};"|'''Favourite Pokemon'''
|style="background:white"| Smeargle, Tepig, Ditto
|valign="top" style=" background:{{{color5|#95d5aa}}}; color:{{{textcolor5|black}}}; width:140px"|'''Hometown'''
|style="background:white"| [[runescape:Lumbridge|Lumbridge]]
|valign="top" style=" background:{{{color6|#95d5aa}}}; color:{{{textcolor6|black}}}; width:140px"|'''Date of Birth'''
|style="background:white"| July 21<sup>st</sup>
|valign="top" style=" background:{{{color7|#95d5aa}}}; color:{{{textcolor7|black}}}; width:140px"|'''Age'''
|style="background:white"| 17
|valign="top" style=" background:{{{color10|#95d5aa}}}; color:{{{textcolor10|black}}}; width:140px"|'''League Rank'''
|style="background:white"| Champion
|valign="top" style=" background:{{{color12|#95d5aa}}}; color:{{{textcolor12|black}}}; width:140px"|'''Friends'''
|style="background:white"| You would know if you are one.
|valign="top" style="{{roundybl|20px}} background:{{{color13|#95d5aa}}}; ; color:{{{textcolor13|black}}}; width:140px"|'''Edit Count'''
|style="{{roundybr|20px}} background:white"| This user has [[Special:Editcount/{{PAGENAME}}|{{Special:Editcount/{{PAGENAME}}}}]] total edits.
:<small>''For my global userpage, click [[w:User:ZamorakO_o|here]]. For my RuneScape userpage, click [[runescape:User:ZamorakO_o|here]]. ''</small>
I am Ty. I edit many places.
== My Pokemon History ==
I started playing Pokemon with Silver version. I managed to play that game for several hundred hours, and effectively killed it from overuse. D: I then played Blue version, and trained my wee Squirtle into a level 100 Blastoise, completed the pokedex, defeated every trainer, and became the champion of the Pokemon League over 30 times.
I then acquired a new gem, Pokemon Ruby version. A lot of hundreds of hours went into that game as well. My faithful Torchic was my witness, I became the champion. While playing that game, I learned what braille was because of the Regis pokemon.
After that game, I started to play Pokemon Leafgreen. Once again, a rather large chunk of time went into that game, and I never got as far as I would have liked to because of the game breaking. :/ I had chosen a Squirtle to be my starter then as I did in Pokemon Blue.
I then started playing either Pokemon Ranger or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue. In Pokemon Ranger, I played the game enough times to wear out my screen protector several times, but the game wasn't that memorable so I don't remember much else. In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, I played as a Pikachu with a Torchic as my partner. I also managed to play a more than healthy amount of time on it, getting both me and my partner to level 100.
I then preordered Pokemon Soul Silver (I bought myself a new DS lite for the occasion). I have yet to finish it because of how much it is like Silver, that everything just felt old. With Pokemon White, I have yet to finish it because I keep getting distracted with other things.
I've also played Pokemon Snap, Hey You Pikachu!, Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Stadium 2, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Pokemon Pinball, Pokemon Channel, and Pokemon Dash.

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I am Ty.

I'm a member of the VSTF, so chances are if you're seeing this, I'm either cleaning up spam and/or vandalism, or I just felt like editing this particular wiki because it's awesome. :D

He's fairly awesome, albeit eccentric at times.

If you need help with wiki stuff, feel free to join us in the lovely Community Central Chat~!

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If you need to contact me for whatever reason, feel free to leave a message on my wall.

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