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About me

Hi. I am Tui and La. My username originates from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series, and wiki. My avatar is actually a picture of the moon spirit Tui (White fish with black forehead) and the ocean spirit, La. (Black fish with a white forehead, half cut off in my picture) They are both seen in the series. You can find me on multiple wikis, although I am more active on this wiki than any other one. You can find me on the Sims Wiki, the Super Smash Bros. Wiki, The Spongebob Wiki, The Avatar Wiki, and the Kirby Wiki. I have heard that a lot of users on this wiki are on one or two of these wikis.

My contributions

My Favorite Pokemon

Favorite Pokemon of all time: Arceus

Fire: Magmortar

Water: Kingdra

Grass: Vileplume

Normal: Stantler

Electric: Manectric

Poison: Muk

Fighting: Medicham

Psychic: Hypno

Dark: Umbreon

Rock: Rhyperior

Ground: Flygon

Ice: Jynx

Steel: Steelix

Dragon: Salamence

Ghost: Shedinja

Flying: Pidgeot

Bug: Heracross

Legendary (Other than Arceus): Palkia

My Favorite Moves

Normal: Judgement

Grass: Leaf Storm

Water: Hydro Pump

Fire: Flare Blitz

Ground: Earth Power

Rock: Stone Edge

Psychic: Psycho Cut

Dark: Crunch

Fighting: Cross Chop

Bug: Bug Buzz

Ice: Blizzard

Steel: Gyro Ball

Dragon: Spacial Rend

Flying: Aerial Ace

Ghost: Shadow Ball

Poison: Cross Poison

Electric: Charge Beam

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