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July 22, 2012
  • I live in New Mobotropolis
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is student
  • I am All of me!!!!!!!!

About me

Hey everybody! My name is Thunder and I am excited to be apart of this wiki! I am a huge fan of pokemon getting my first game for my fifth birthday. I also am a user on Sonic News Network. I am excited to be apart of the pokemon wiki.

My pokemon story

My first game was LeafGreen which I didn't even know how to play being five, and when I figured it out, I fell in love with Pokemon games. After taking a break from Pokemon for a few years I got Saphire for christmas and was back to the series. I also liked watching the Pokemon TV show, and I never really liked the cards. When Diamond came out I was obbsessed and me and my friends had a contest to see who would finish it first. I won! When SoulSilver came out I was originally interested but my game glitched and I lost everything and I didn't beat the game until New Years eve 2011. I love Black version and I once again won the contest of beating it first.

My Favorite Pokemon

My favorite Pokemon are usually water types as for starters I ALWAYS pick water. I also like electrics like Luxary, Pikachu, and Ampharos. I also like Lucario, and Riolu. I have more those are just what come to my mind.

My Music

I am a musician and am constantly listening to music, and all kinds of music. In the mornings I usually start off with Dupstep, or David Guetta. Then in the afternoon I switch to R and B, or pop. Then in the evenings I finish off with Opera or Country.


  • I have had every generation of Pokemon games except Red/Yellow/Blue. I even have the original Silver.
  • All of my starter Pokemon have been water types.
  • I have a brother and I never choose the same Pokemon games on purpose. If he chooses White 2 I choose Black 2.
  • I am a Twin.

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