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  • I live in hell
  • I was born on December 5
  • My occupation is boring
  • I am behind you
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About me Hello
Hi. I am The Evilbreaker, where I come from known as E.B. I came to this wiki to learn a bit about Pokèmon, as everyone on SFW knew loads and me, well…I've never actually played a Pokèmon game. Being 13, I need to ask my parents permission, and I always feel bad about doing that. Anyway, I know lots more about pokèmon now! I live in britain, which will explain a few things about me. I have three wikis >8^] named "The universe of made up stuff wiki", "The chibiwinkle wiki", and "New Pokèfanon wiki", which I think You'll like! The first edit I made here, was adding the category "Generation VI Pokèmon" to Honedge, who had been marked as a generation V pokèmon. >:^/ and basically, I'm trying to spot mistakes in articles and, well…correct them! So if you see a page that's been edited by me, then you'll know that something has just been corrected.
E.B in Pokèmon

Me as a Pokèmon trainer

I can do… My friends
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  • Being awesome
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