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About me

I'm just a guy who likes to add information to pages that seem to be short and useless. I'm also the type of person who would look at all the pages and see what is wrong with them.

For Pokemon Black and White, I think I'll try to get both but to get which one first, I'll choose Pokemon White because I want to see the nature side of Isshu first rather than the technology side.

Pokemon Team for Pokemon White(Note:may change depending on certain reasons):

Snivy (Starter)

Mamepato (It's a Flying type Pokemon so having one this early is pretty nice. I'll be sure to get a female.)

Hiyappu (An NPC will give the player one so I don't really have much of a choice here.)

Yuniran (Its final evolution is AWESOME and powerful so this would be handy)

Giaru (Its final form has really high defense and attack so its worthwhile to get and train. This could also defeat Ice Pokemon so easily because it's a Steel type. Plus it can learn Hyper Beam.)

Hitomoshi (Its final evolution is AWESOME because it hits so high wit hits high Sp. Atk power. Plus I'm pretty sure I can find a Dusk Stone before going to the Victory Road so I'm okay.)

Pokemon I MIGHT get but probably will in the aftergame or never:

Shinbora (It's pretty rare so chacnes are I won't get it.)

Slideshow (This slideshow is just for the purpose of entertainment. It is NOT making fun of anybody.)

  • AHHHH! Don't bother me! I'm tallking to my boss!
  • My back hurt so that is why I can't pick up my PokeBall.
  • I have a cool tennis pose, do I?
  • Look at that funny person! *whispers* *giggles*
  • Wanna buy something cool? Follow me!
  • I am a blackglasses saleswomen! *takes off blackglasses*
  • Excuse me, are you saying there is a fly in your soup?
  • I am a waitress who likes to order food for customers.
  • My gang member Sub who should be here right now! Ain't that right?!
  • Uh-oh, you caught me! Uhh... I'm a guy from a company sent to deliver this sack of goods.
  • Ohhoho! How are you doing?
  • Hello there! Want to try some of my bread?
  • I am Einstein! Being a Cleaner is awesome!
  • This is your captain speaking uh..........flight will commence ina few minutes.

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