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This is an in-progress guide to Pokémon X and Y. You can help the Pokémon wiki by expanding it.

Starting the Game

Welcome to Pokémon X and Y! Before you begin your adventure, your game cartiridge will write to the SD card. Be sure not to power off your 3DS. Select the language you wish to play in, and remember that you cannot change the language settings unless you delete your saved game.

Meet Professor Sycamore

Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough Creating a Character and Choosing a Pokemon07:16

Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough Creating a Character and Choosing a Pokemon

From the title screen, press the A button to fully begin the game. Meet Professor Augustine Sycamore, the Pokémon Professor of the Kalos region. Like the previous titles, the professor will explain the wonderful world of Pokémon.

From here, you'll be able to create your character. Choose whether you want to be a boy (Calem), or a girl (Serena). From there, choose the skin tone of your character. Finally, enter the name of your trainer.

A Fletchling will fly into your room to wake you up. It's time to begin your adventure.

Vaniville Town


Vaniville Town - "Blooming buds covered in morning dew exude hope for the future in this small town."

You will awaken in their bedroom in Vaniville Town. Walk towards your mirror to change out of your pajamas. Like other Pokemon games, your character has recently moved into a new town. Your Mom awaits downstairs. She's a reknown Rhyhorn rider, known throughout the region. Proceed outside, where you will meet your next-door neighbor. (If the player is a boy, the neighbor is Calem. If the player is a girl, the neighbor is Serena). A girl, Shauna will also introduce herself. Follow them outside of the gate to receive your first Pokemon.

Vaniville Town is a small town, consisting of the player's house and the neighbor's house. There isn't much to explore, so continue north out of town. It's time to travel to meet Professor Sycamore. The Pokémon Professor has chosen five children to begin their Pokémon journey. Proceed north to pass the gate into Vaniville Pathway Route 1, which will lead you to the next town, Aquacorde Town.

Aquacorde Town


Aquacorde Town - "A town that naturally sprang up as people flocked to this pristine riverside."

Welcome to Aquacorde Town. As you enter, you'll hear your new friends yell out your name. If you walk northwest, you'll find them seated at a table. Serena will introduce you to the rest of the children selected by Professor Sycamore. You'll meet Tierno and Trevor. Tierno loves to dance and wants to create the ultimate Pokémon dance team. Trevor has a dream to travel Kalos with his own Pokédex.

With you being the new kid in the group, Tierno decides to make up a nickname for you. The others will chime in with their own ideas. You can then choose a nickname to be called. If you don't like the names they suggest, you can create your own. Whatever name you select, the friend group will always call you this name (as opposed to your entered name). Feel free to get creative.

Now it's time to receive your starter Pokémon. In Pokémon X and Y, the three starter choices are the grass-type Chespin, the fire-type Fennekin, and the water-type Froakie.

Generation VI Button - Chespin Generation VI Button - Fennekin Generation VI Button - Froakie
Name: Chespin Fennekin Froakie
Hidden Power: Overgrow, Bulletproof Blaze, Magician Torrent, Protean
Starting Moves: Tackle
Tail Whip
Learnset: Vine Whip
Leech Seed
Pin Missle
Needle Arm
Take Down
Seed Bomb
Mud Shot
Bulk Up
Body Slam
Pain Split
Wood Hammer
Flame Charge
Fire Spin
Lucky Chant
Light Screen
Sunny Day
Magic Room
Fire Blast
Quick Attack
Water Pulse
Smack Down
Double Team
Hydro Pump

Choose the Pokemon that's right for you. Nickame your first Pokemon if you so choose. Once you make your selection, Shauna will select the starter who's type is weak to yours, and your neighbor will select the starter who's type is strong to yours. Trevor will then give you the Kalos Pokédex.

Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough The First Pokemon Battle01:53

Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough The First Pokemon Battle

Afterwards, Tierno will give you a letter addressed to your mother from Professor Sycamore. Tierno and Trevor then head north out of the town, to search for wild Pokémon. You will have to give the letter to your mom back in Vaniville Town. Explore Aquacorde Town. There are two shops, a Pokéball Shop and a Potion Shop. There is also a psuedo-Pokémon Center where a Nurse Joy can heal your Pokémon. Be sure to talk to the Shopkeeper who is west of the Shops to receive a free Potion from him.

There is also a Photo Spot. You can call out Phil the Photo Guy to take a picture of you. As you head south back towards Vaniville Town, Shauna will challenge you to a Pokémon Battle. Prepare yourself!

ShaunaCrop Generation VI Button - Fennekin Generation VI Button - Chespin Generation VI Button - Froakie Reward:
Shauna Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie Lv. 7 PokémonDollar500

Shauna will be your first test as a battler. Use your Pokémon's physical attacks to quickly dispatch her. After you defeat Shauna, she will heal your Pokémon. Travel south back towards Vaniville Town.

Return to Vaniville Town

Head inside of your house to talk to your Mom again. Give her Professor Sycamore's letter, and she will give you the Town Map. Use the map to quickly get your barrings around the Kalos region. Once you head outside, the Rhyhorn will wish you goodbye as you set forth to become a trainer.

Return north to Aquacorde Town, buy any items that you wish before you head out to Route 2.

Route 2


Kalos Route 2 - "You'll find many Pokémon hiding among the tall grass that grows in tufts along this trail."

Route 2 is the first area in Pokémon X and Y that includes wild Pokemon. Travel through the tall grass to encounter wild Pokémon. Some Pokémon are found in specific versions, so whether you have X or Y will effect what Pokémon you will encounter in some area. In the following tables, a (X) will signify only catchable in the X version, while (Y) will signify only catchable in the Y version. As you enter the area, your neighbor will give you a demonstration on how to catch Pokémon. After it ends, they will give you with 10 Pokéballs to use. Wander around the tall grass if you wish to caught some new Pokemon for your team.

010Caterpie 013Weedle 016Pidgey 263Zigzagoon 40px
Caterpie (X) Weedle (Y) Pidgey Zigzagoon Fletchling Bunnelby Scatterbug
15% 15% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%
Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough Catching Your First Pokemon05:07

Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough Catching Your First Pokemon

It's a good idea to catch at least one of the Bug Pokémon: Weedle, Caterpie, or Scatterbug. Bug-type Pokémon evolve quickly and can learn a variety of moves that inflict Status Effects upon enemy Pokémon On the northern end of the trail, you will encounter your first Pokémon Trainer in the field. These Trainers will challenge you to Pokémon Battles when you come across them. Walking across their gaze will catch their attention, and they will battle you immediately after that. Be sure to be aware of your Pokemon's status before triggering these battles.

YoungsterXYCropped 263Zigzagoon Reward:
Youngster Austin Zigzagoon, Lv. 5 PokémonDollar120

This is the only trainer, but your challenges have only just begun. To the north of Route 2 is Santalune Forest. Inside, even more wild Pokémon await to be captured. A variety of Pokémon Trainers will also be inside, many of them fighting with Bug and Normal type Pokémon.

Santalune Forest


Santalune Forest - The gentle light filtering through this sun-dappled forest makes it a popular spot for nature walks.

You and your friends will walk into Santalune Forest together. The forest is a maze of different paths, with patches of tall grass scattered all throughout. This is the first area in the game that has items placed upon the field, so be sure to explore each direction to collect these items. Pokemon Trainers will await around some corners, so be vigilant where you walk.

The forest contains a wide variety of Pokemon, including plenty of Bug and Normal types. The forest also contains the three elemental monkeys of Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour. These elemental Pokemon can help provide a larger type-variety to your team. It's recommended two grab the two types that your Starter is not. This can help lead to some type advantages when you battle your friends down the line.

010Caterpie 013Weedle 011Metapod 014Kakuna 60px Cilan Pansage 50px 50px
Caterpie Weedle Metapod Kakuna Pikachu Pansage Pansear Panpour
Rare (X)
Average (Y)
Rare (Y)
Average (X)
Very Rare (Y) Very Rare (X) Rare Rare Rare Rare
50px 40px
Fletchling Scatterbug
Rare Average

When you enter the forest, your friends will scatter and begin to explore different areas. Shauna will stick close to you, following you as you progress through. She will have the ability to heal your Pokemon, so be sure to talk to her if you want your Pokemon to get some rest.

Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough Santalune Forest05:27

Pokemon X and Y Walkthrough Santalune Forest

Immediately head to your head, you will find a kid who will tell you that the path leads to dead end. However, if you keep walking to the left, you'll find an Antidote on the ground. If you continue north from where the kid is standing, you can find three Potions. If you check immediately east of the Route 2 entrance, you can find another three Potions.

As you continue east, you'll come come across Tierno and Trevor attempting to find Pokemon in the tall grass. Walk into the tall grass to the north and Shauna fill find a hidden Parlyz Heal that she will give to you. Continue north along the path and you'll be challenged by a Trainer.

YoungsterXYCropped 30px 60px Reward:
Youngster Joey Scatterbug Lv. 3
Fletchling Lv. 3

Remember, Bug Pokémon are weak against Fire and Flying types, so be sure to use those type advantages when dealing with Trainers in this area. A captured Pidgey or Pansage will work nicely against them, if you did not choose Fennekin as your starter.

Continue west from Youngster Joey to run into your neighbor. They will give you two Pokéballs to help you capture more Pokémon throughout the area. With all the Pokémon that you capture in this area, be sure to utilize all of them in wild encounters to help keep your team evenly leveled up.

Go South after talking to your neighbor you'll come across the second Trainer in the area.

LassCroppedXY 50px Reward:
Lass Anna Pikachu Lv. 5 PokémonDollar120

Be sure to use one of your captured Pokemon against Lass Anna if you have Froakie as your starter, the Pikachu will make short work of your water-type. Continue south, through the patches of tall grass to come across the last Trainer in the area.

LassCroppedXY 013Weedle Reward:
Lass Lise Weedle Lv. 2
Bunnelby Lv. 4

From this point, you're nearly out of the forest, head east from Lass Lise to come across another two Pokéballs. If you go west from Lass Lise, you'll find three more Potions. Head north once you have collected all of these items and you'll finally stumble across the exit to Santalune Forest.

Before you can leave, your neighbor comes up to greet you. She states that you have some serious potential as a Pokémon Trainer! Proceed out of the forest and onto Route 3.

Route 3


Kalos Route 3 - Ouvert Way - "The little rises and hollows of this lush forest are a favorite place for many kinds of Pokémon to play."

You will exit Santalune Forest with the rest of your friends. They all discuss their upcoming plans now that Santalune City is just ahead. You neighbor will hand you a copy of the Adventure Rules. Afterwards, they will head north to the city to challenge the Gym Leader. The rest of your friends will hang around the entrance.

Route 3 contains more wild Pokémon to catch and more Trainers to battle.

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