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Hello, I'm Tikal, and Pokémon is the best thing ever! Whether it's the games, the animé, TCG or other, I love it all! My favourite being the animé, I love all Shippings! More below, but thank you for visiting my page!



  1. James - The best person in the whole animé, it's hard not to love him.
  2. Meowth - Technically speaking, not really a 'guy', but he's still awesome.
  3. Ash - I freakin' love Ash, he's so funny.
  4. Brock - His obsession with women makes the series complete.
  5. Paul - He's really mysterious and mean, but there's something else there...


  1. Jessie - Freaky, mean and amazingly awesome. What else is there?
  2. Dawn - She's cute and nice. What I hate: Her Piplup.
  3. May - She cries too much, but it's good for making AdvanceShipping videos.
  4. Zoey - Very smart, very cool.
  5. Misty - Misty was my fav until she got all obsessive with Ash...


  1. Eevee - The awesomest thing in the world.
  2. Umbreon - The best Eeveelution.
  3. Espeon - The other best Eeveelution.
  4. Glaceon - Very pretty with awesome eyes.
  5. Leafeon - ^^See above^^


Okay, so I think Shippys are the best thing in Pokémon, and these are a list of my favs! (They're in not order, that would take too long.)

Advanceshipping: May x Ash

Pearlshipping: Dawn x Ash

Oystershipping: Dawn x Misty

Rocketshipping: Jessie x James

WeatherBalletShipping: May's Glaceon x Ash's Pikachu

Krazyshipping: TR Meowth x Pikachu

Penguinshipping: Dawn x Kenny

Ikarishipping: Dawn x Paul

LightRockShipping: Dawn x Brock

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