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The Legendary Seven

Note: the following is not a real pokemon faction, but a group started by fans

The legendary seven is a group of powerful trainers led by the mysterious trainer named Tyler who is stated to be one of the most powerful trainers in the world. In order to battle Tyler a trainer must first defeat the first six members in special gym like areas throughout the islands they use as a head quarters eventually gaining access to the great temple on the largest island, once there the player must then rematch the six in the order of there gyms, but luckily after each chamber the player enters a room with a pokemon center and a pokemart along with a PC to change out pokemon in there party. After defeating the first six of the Legendary Seven a second time, the player will reach the top of the Great Temple and be challenged by Tyler.

The Legendary Seven is often thought to be a group of evil trainers since all members have been involved in the various evil factions of the pokemon world, most notably Team Rocket, Team Plasma, and Team Galactic, but were in reality trying to bring the groups down from the inside. They are not trusted by the international police and looker persuades the player to help him investigste the group and there mysterious leader,a cloaked man with insanely powerful pokemon. As well as an equally mysterious youth named Tyler who befriends the player early on but seems to disappear before the cloaked man appears to challenge the player. The two are believed to be connected by authorities.



Tannon is the first member of the L7 and the only one to have not defeated every pokemon league having lost to Drake in the Hoenn league. He has long unruly hair tied back in a similar style to N's but black and with no hat, also he wears an outfit that includes the same style coat as Volkner, but with jeans instead of black pants. He is an avid pokemon breeder, and often reads books about pokemon and pokemon breeding. He is also the gatekeeper of the Ancient Isle, meaning he weeds out the weaker opponents as well as those he does not deem worthy to challenge the rest of the L7.

  • Torterra Lv90
  • Typhlosion Lv 80
  • Wailord Lv80
  • Hydreigon Lv75
  • Gardevoir Lv75
  • Lucario Lv75

2. Mitchell

Mitchell is Tannon's younger brother and the second member of the L7 the player must challenge. He is a young boy similar in appearance to his older brother but with shorter hair. He lives in the woods surrounding the Great Temple and it shows as he wears only a pair of tattered shorts.


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