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This is a fanon game made by SuicuneRider14.


This game will be just a tactical version of all other games. There will be 4 versions, each with the following games:

V1 - Red Gold Ruby Diamond Black Black2

V2 - Blue Silver Sapphire Pearl White White2

V3 V4 shared - Yellow Crystal Emerald Platinum

V3 - Black White2

V4 - White Black2

As with other tactical games, it has movement:

Non Rock, Ground, Electric, and/or Flying

Highest evolution or No Family - 7

Middle 3-stage/Lowest 2-stage - 6

Lowest 3-stage - 5

Rock or Ground

Highest evolution or No Family - 6

Middle 3-stage/ Lowest 2-stage - 5

Lowest 3-stage - 4

Rock and Ground

Highest or No family - 6

Middle 3-stage/ Lowest 2-stage - 5

Lowest 3-stage - 3


Highest or No Family - 10

Middle 3-stage/ Lowest 2-stage - 8

Lowest 3-stage - 7


Highest or No Family - 8

Middle 3-stage/ Lowest 2-Stage - 7

Lowest 3-Stage - 5


All Pokémon are out during battles, so there is no Exp. Share as all Pokémon will get experience. Evolution and Egg Hatching can happen in the middle of battle. 5 turns in battle is equal to a cycle.

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