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June 28, 2011
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About me

Hi.I'm Sol988.Here is my team:

Name Andrew
A.K.A Andy,Sol,MiniMan
Pokémon Used All of 'em
Hometown Littleroot Town
Age 14
Height  ?
League Rank Champion,what else?
Other Pokémon at Lab Every pokemon you can think of (no fakemon)
Friends Alpha&OmegaFan2011,XxNighthawk119xx,H-star,Don13,Jazzi,cXXX,Latiasfan001
Edit Count This user has 305 total edits.

Emolga (minipete) Lv.88 Cut,Discharge,Wild Charge,Acrobatics.

Throh (ThrowerMan) Lv.71 Reversal,Storm Throw,Strength,Vital Throw

Volcarona (247574) Lv.71 Fly,Quiver Dance,Flamethrower,Bug Buzz

Dragonite (Ultimate) Lv.63 Flamethrower,Dragon Claw,Surf,Dragon Dance

Bisharp (Axe-Head) Lv.63 Embargo,Iron Head,Iron Defense,Night Slash

6th pokemon unsettled. It'll take a while.

Leave any suggestions for a sixth pokemon on my talk page!

My new wiki:

File:Genosekuto BW Lightning.gif
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