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{{Festival Or whatever we are going to make the template be called.
|Region= The region that we're are battling in.
|Part= The number for the part that we're on.
|Poke1= Is where the name for the first pokémon goes, its in a few other places throughout the template, but you only have to fill it out once.
|Poke2= Is the same way as Poke1.
|Catch= The nifty little phrase like, Will the fire starter win or will the dragon type win?
|Commenter1=Slayingthehalcyon: is what that would look like, only put the username itself as User: is already in there.
|Commenter1short=Sam, or Slay or Halcyon or Slaying. its just the short of the username.
|Commenter2= The same as 1.
|Commenter2short= The same as 1.
|Poke1Image= Is the image of the Pokémon that is being used for the battle.
|Poke1Size= Is the sizing for the image, PX is already there, so just put in a numerical value.
|Poke2Image= The same as 1.
|Poke2Size= The same as 1.
|Pollcolor= Decides the color of the poll.
Festival of Battle - {{{Region}}}, Part {{{Part}}}

Welcome, welcome, to the first annual fight of the Pokémon Wiki, the Festival of Battle! I'm Energy X and I will be your host of the Festival! The Festival, as you have read. Each weekend you can taste some of the battles these Pokémon will have, so give a big support for ones you like!

The first fight, as you can see, is {{{Poke1}}} vs. {{{Poke2}}}! {{{Catch}}}

Now, let's hear for the commentators!

  • [[User:{{{Commenter1}}}|{{{Commenter1short}}}]]:
  • [[User:{{{Commenter2}}}|{{{Commenter2short}}}]]:
Vote for your favourite!


The fight starts!

The poll was created at 14:17 on October 9, 2013, and so far 0 people voted.

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