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  • I live in a magical world where only me and six beautiful unicorns live!
  • My occupation is a dancing monkey
  • I am in love with a burrito!
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* [[User:Don13]]
* [[User:Don13]]
* [[User:Latiasfan001]]
* [[User:Latiasfan001]]
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* [[User:Darkusgal231]]
== Links to my Blogs==
*[[User blog:SkyHigh67/Drapion Drapion Lucario Drapion|Drapion Drapion Lucario Drapion]]
*[[User blog:SkyHigh67/Cynthia or Flint?|Cynthia or Flint?]]
*[[User blog:SkyHigh67/The Pokemon Anime|The Pokemon Anime]]

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What up People?
Welcome to my Profile

About MeEdit

Hey! I'm SkyHigh67, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. When I was around 7, my aunt gave me a GameBoy and Pokemon Red Version. I was hooked ever since I couldn't get through Viridian Forest my first playthrough. I've played every other Pokemon game from Red to Black. I have two cats, Cinnamin and Barbie, two hamsters, Edwin and Regis, and one dog, Mackie. I'm currently dating someone.

What I do Here on Wiki Edit

Here on wikia, I mainly add information and trivia, bit I will occasionally link and fix up stubs. I don't add pictures or add categories. I write blogs, and links to them are found below.

Outside of WikiaEdit

I haven't been on Wikia long, but when I'm not here, I'm usually writing fandom for many things. I go swimming a lot, and I hope to join my school's Swim Team later this fall. I also enjoy playing tennis, football, soccer, baseball, ultimate frisbee, la crosse, and I usually go skiing in Utah every Winter. I enjoy reading the Harry Potter series and the Warriors series. I play piano, bass, and euphonium: a brass instrument that is basically a mini-tuba. Me and my friends enjoy writing song parodies. I'm in Seventh Grade.

My Favorite PagesEdit

My FriendsEdit

My friends are listed in the order I met them

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