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!About me
<p style="margin-top:1em;margin-bottom:1em;">''ouo''</p>
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Hey, I'm Crystalheart123, also known as Crys, Crystal, or Cry. I ish in love with Giratina, as you can see below. I also think Ash and Dawn are bawz, and that Arceus is plain cool. I own Heartgold, Platinum, Crystal (huh), Red, and Yellow. >:3 And I own [[Lugia]] (lv. 100), [[Ho-oh]] (Lv. 100),[[ Articuno]], [[Moltres]], [[Suicune]], [[Entei]], [[Raikou]], [[Cresselia]], [[Mewtwo]] (lv. 100), [[Giratina]] (lv. 100), [[Dialga]] (lv. 100), [[Palkia]], [[Azelf]], [[Uxie]], [[Mespirit]], and much, much more. No lie. I have every legendary in Crystal (except for the "special event" Pokemon), Platinum, and Red.
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!My favorite Pokemon (and peoplez)
!More Derp
*'''[[Giratina]] '''
* '''[[Giratina]] '''
* [[Typhlosion]]
* [[Ash]]
* [[Dawn]]
* '''[[Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]'''
* [[Arceus and the Jewel of Life]]
* [[The Power of One]]
* [[Ash's Charizard]]
* [[Dawn's Togekiss]]

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