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''Now.... why the heck should I tell you?''
''Now.... why the heck should I tell you?''
''Here's my list of people's heads I PWNED MAJORLY''
Slayingmonstersisagame: 2 heads
FastBlade5035: 1 head
Vulpixisawesome: 1 head
Alexfist: 1 head
Eeveefoeva: 1 head
Bombermanrox: 4 heads
Carterstenny: 2 heads
R0BB13: 1 head
Random friend who does not have a wikia account: 1 head (he fled because my power was too overwhelming xDDD)
so.............. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE IF YOU WANNA LIVE!!!!!!!! JK!! xDDDDD
People that I want to have a battle against so badly:
Obstacles I will flick away effortlessly:
|[[File:HReach_-_Mgalekgolo.png|thumb|400px|Look out! I'm on a 14 win streak! Not 1 loss with my team! ]]
|- style="background:#336699; text-align:center; font-size:big; color:white;"
|- style="background:#336699; text-align:center; font-size:big; color:white;"
!My favorite pages
!My favorite pages

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About me Hello

Hi, i'm Jadestonedarkusking. my friends call me Jade, it's short for my real name. I like pokemon, bakugan and beyblade ALOT. It may not be common to see me around, for I have my own wiki to manage and a busy life so yeah. I just saw the the honey tree page was a stub so I added more to it. this wiki is going to be real easy for me to add to. I also own a pokemon shop, and have Wi-Fi practically all the time. Here's a link to my shop.

My team:

Now.... why the heck should I tell you?

My favorite pages My friends

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