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aka Romaric

  • I live in France
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is Part time university student. Full time dreamer.
  • I am Male
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Hi! I'm a French fan of pokémon since the first generation. I never participated in any contest since I only play for fun and to have the most amazing pokémons (at least, IMO).

My teams


File:Platinum Spiritomb.png File:Roserade(P)Sprite.png File:LucarioSprite2.png File:Garchomp DP female.png File:Platinum Gyaradosu Sprite.png File:Mismagius(P)Sprite.png
Spiritomb Roserade Lucario Garchomp Gyarados Mismagius


On hand

File:Dragonite.png File:181ampharos.png File:Gliscor BW Front.png File:Togekiss PtHGSS.png File:Gyarados HGSS.png File:MismagiusHGSSSprite.png
Dragonite Ampharos Gliscor Togekiss Gyarados Mismagius

On training

File:Froslasssprite.png File:Riolu(Plt)Sprite.png File:MiloticSprite.png File:Porygon-Zsprite.png File:Flygon.png
Froslass Riolu Milotic Porygon-Z Flygon

Black&White (White)

Samurott BW Swoobat BW Vanilluxe BW Eelektross BW Chandelure BW Zweilous BW
Samurott Swoobat Vanilluxe Eelektross Chandelure Zweilous



Samurott BW Lucario BW Hydreigon BW Chandelure BW Roserade BW Glaceon BW
Samurott Lucario Hydreigon Chandelure Roserade Glaceon


Samurott BW Lucario BW Haxorus BW Jellicent BW Eelektross BW Flygon BW
Samurott Lucario Haxorus Jellicent Eelektross Flygon

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