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March 23, 2011

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Name SapphireWave
A.K.A Clay
Pokémon Used Krookodile and Excadrill
Hometown Deep in the ocean
Age like 1000?
Height 6'00
League Rank Champion
Other Pokémon at Lab Kyogre
Friends Amyroselove
Edit Count This user has 726 total edits.

Abouts me

I recently found this wiki when google searching a place about Pokemon. I know lots about wikia in general and how to use it as I have over 2000+ edits on the Monster Hunter Wiki. My account over there is Tigrexslayer12... but enough about a totally different wiki. I plan to add as much as I can to whatever I find empty or needs to be expanded.

Stuff I edit

I work on game related articles mainly. Currently, I am working on adding the Pokedex Entries, Learnsets, and Locations to all Unova Pokemon. Jello Rabbit finished the locations and entries and I finished up all the learnsets so hooray Unova is almost complete only needing sprites now :D. My current project is to finish the learnsets for Bulbasaur till I reach Unova (BIG task...). I also undo the occasional vandalism I find on a page. I also add info and pics to incomplete Unova Route pages when I see them.

Games I've played

My first pokemon game was Sapphire. I loved it and was hooked on it. I then bought LeafGreen to see the Kanto region for the first time. I also then bought Crystal which didn't really impress me as the graphics on the other two I already had were much better. Although I enjoyed using a Totodile for the first time. As soon as Pearl came out I bought it. Pearl was my favorite game for so long. Well, until Platinum came out which was just the improved version of it. Platinum then got boring for me and I found out about the release of HeartGold. I bought it right away thrilled to play a revamped version of Crystal. It had amazing graphics and I loved it. After that there was no new pokemon game that I bought in awhile. That's when I discovered Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. I played it for at least 6 months as it's really fun. (highly recommend trying the game) Then in December I learned about Pokemon Black and White. I waited about a month for it to come out and my patience paid off. The game is amazing, the graphics are stunning (most notably Skyarrow Bridge, love that camera view.) I'm still playing the game today along with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on my PSP


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