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October 23, 2010
  • I live in Land of Snow
  • I was born on December 7
  • My occupation is Being annoying, playing Minecraft, and stalking my Daddy
  • I am Pooping. Go away :3

hey im Sandstormrocks32. i edit often and ive been here for a while

my fav pokemon is Infernape beacuse it was my first fully evolved pokemon.

i think the worst pokemon is abra cause all it does is sleep and telleport because
Ash Infernape

i LOVE this pokemon

it is scared.

for pokemon black and white i will get pokemon black becuse i can bet a cool legendariy pokemon. i would get oshawatt.

level one hundreds ( i think)


Regigagas Raichu Empoleon


i will ad more later

This is my pokemon team i always have with me unless i am battling the elite four. 1 is Charizard (nickname is char) or Blaziken (nickname is blaze) because i switch every time they go up 5 levels. 2. Blastoise or Chikorita or Mew (i did not cheat this it was free from wi fi) or Venusaur or rarely i put Feraligatr or my gater.3 is snorlax(nickname is snor) 4 is ho-oh( nickname is hobo LOL) 5 is Lugia (nickname is lion) and 6 is Mewtwo (nickname is morty) and that is just for heart gold i will get to my top pokemon and my pearl pokemon later.

This slideshow is not to make fun of the pics its just cause i was bored. i think i did good pics


seriously tell me on my talk page

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