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April 15, 2011
  • I live in The Corner of the Room
  • I was born on April 12
  • My occupation is Game Player
  • I am bored of wiki editing again.
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(Current Pokemon Team (In Pokemon Black 2))
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|AbiP2 = Flash Fire
|AbiP2 = Flash Fire
|AbiP3 = Levitate
|AbiP3 = Levitate
|AbiP4 =
|AbiP4 = Inner Focus
|AbiP5 =
|AbiP5 =
|AbiP6 =
|AbiP6 =

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About me

Mewtwo Psychic SS026-1- Mewtwo has chosen Rune Zekrom to be Featured User!

My current status on the wiki would probably be very inactive. I'm not sure if I'm planning edit anytime soon, but I will tell you that I am still very much alive :)

I was busy with tests and such to do any editing. Even though it's summer, I'm still not sure if I'll edit or do anything at all on the wiki.

Right now, I'm playing Kid Icarus: Uprising, Minecraft, and a Black & White 2 Rom :)


Rune Zekrom
Name Rune Zekrom
A.K.A No A.K.A
Pokémon Used Zekrom, Serperior, Gigalith, Drifblim, Conkeldurr, Excadrill
Hometown Unknown
Age  ????
Height IDK
League Rank Champion (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova)
Other Pokémon at Lab Electivire, Magmortar, Typhlosion, Torterra and many others
Friends Crimsonnavy, CXXX, XxNighthawk119xx
Edit Count This user has 1,654 total edits.
644 Rune Zekrom is a fan of Zekrom
635 Rune Zekrom is a fan of Hydreigon
376 Rune Zekrom is a fan of Metagross
474 Rune Zekrom is a fan of Porygon-Z
384Rayquaza This user is a fan of Pokémon Emerald.
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644Zekrom This user is a fan of Pokémon White.
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Games I've Played

(In order)

Current Pokemon Team (In Pokemon Black 2)

Dewott BW
Dewott (Hurn)
 Type Water 
Growlithe BW
Growlithe (John)
 Type Fire 
File:Magnemite BW.png
Magnemite (Magny)
 Type Steel Type Electric 
Lucario BW
Lucario (Palmy)
 Type Fighting Type Steel 
Lv. 24 - Lv. 24 - Lv. 24 - Lv. 24 - Lv. - Lv. -
Ability: Torrent Ability: Flash Fire Ability: Levitate Ability: Inner Focus Ability: Ability:
Item: ? Item: None Item: Leftovers Item: Quick Claw Item: Item:
Razor Shell Flame Wheel Spark Force Palm - -
Fury Cutter Fire Fang Magnet Bomb Copycat - -
Tail Whip Take Down Thunder Wave Quick Attack - -
Water Gun Strength Sonicboom Work Up - -

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