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Hey There, i'm Rin14100 I like watching anime and ponies and i'm a big fan of the pokemon franchise.
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Top 5 favourite Pokemon

Number 5: Salamence

File:Go Salamence.png
I like Salamence not only because it is super OP but also because I think it has a really nice story; Bagon dreams all its life about flying and when it gets to Lv50 its dream comes true I also really like how its Pokedex entry gets referenced in its moveset because when it gets to Lv50 it learns Fly.

Number 4: Shuckle

Shuckle is an interesting pokemon its HP, Attack, SP Attack and Speed all SUCK. However its has the highest Defence and SP Defence of any non-legendary Pokemon. Also in its Pokedex entry Its puts berries in its shell which eventually ferment and become delicious juices, in the gen 2 games you could give Shuckle a berry and it would eventually become a berry juice also its kinda cute.

Number 3: Cradily

For the longest time I thought that the yellow rings on its head were its eyes. Cradily has the Highest SP Defence of any Grass type, its also got a pretty unusual typing; Grass, Rock because of this many people don't usually remember its weaknesses. until a couple of days ago i thought its only weakness was Ice. Also Cradily is pretty underrated.

Number 2: Darkrai

Alice Darkrai
Darkrai is a Badass, not only did it get its own movie (which is my second favourite next to Pokemon 2000) but it has the highest stats of ANY Dark type. Darkrai has a really unique abillity; Bad Dreams can be a real pain for your opponent along with the combination of Dark Void/Hypnosis and Nightmare. Plus in the anime after using Dark Void this pokemon can make other Pokemon leave their bodies and fly around everywhere (I wish I could do that). This Pokemon makes the boogeyman look like a sweet, little bunny.

NUMBER 1!!! Misdreavus

File:Marina Misdreavus.jpg
Misdreavus is so friggin' adorable. Misdreavus has a pretty good moveset consisting of your standard Ghost moveset such as; Shadow Ball, Grudge and Dark Pulse (TM) but it also has some good moves for other uses such as; Mean Look (good for catching legendary beasts) Pain Split and Confuse Ray. Also with its abillity Levitate, Misdreavus gains an immunity to not 1, not 2 but THREE types which is always nice for countering those nasty Earthquakes, Hyper Beams and Machamp's, Yes i'm looking at you Bruno >:D. Misdreavus not only gains a boost from gen 4 where individual attacks gain their own Physical and Special designation (because now it can use Shadow Ball effectively) but it also gains an evolution (which kicks ass). Also, ITS SO FRIGGIN' ADORABLE.

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