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About Me

For future reference, I can only speak Englsh. However I do have a Spanish/English Dictionary and I am also taking/failing a spanish class but if you do send me spanish talk mesages don't always expect a reply.

This is my pokemon story: One time I came across an old Pokemon Silver version. I played it and became obsessed with pokemon. Then I almost crapped myself when I found out about Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver versions. Then I actualy did crap myself when the games were released(just kidding). Currently I have Pokemon: Black preordered. In my national pokedex Ihave caught 300something and seen 400something(not realy shure because find game)

I am also a 3-D claymodel artist and sometime I plan to post pictures. If you want to see some of my artwork checkout my user page on and

My contributions

  • User contributions
  • I hope to contribute to the breeding page sometime because breeding is my strongpoint in Pokemon.

My favorite pages

  • breeding
  • Favorite page #2
  • Favorite page #3

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