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Pikachu blue orb

Pikachu Being controlled by Team Magma and Team Aqua

      Pikachu is an Electric Mouse Pokemon. Pikachu is one of Red's Pokemon and Ash's starter Pokemon. During Red's time when Red himself was taken by Team Rocket Pikachu was instructed to stick with Yellow until they rescued Red. During Ash's adventures in Hoenn, Pikachu was also controlled by The Blue Orb, that was part of the evil scam of Team Aqua and Team Magma. If you look at the picture of Pikachu with the Red lines on his body and the red eyes that is the doing of The Blue Orb. 
   Fun Facts:Pikachu's red cheeks store 10 volts of Electricity. Since Pikachu is a electric type, Pikachu's weaknesses are ground types and it electricity won't effect Rock and Ground types. Pikachu's previous evolution is Pichu and it's next Evolution is Raichu.  

Red (Pokemon SoulSilver)

        Bulbasaur is an Seed Pokemon. Bulbasaur is Red's second Pokemon and Ash's 3rd Pokemon. During Red's Time, Bulbasaur was with Professor Oak at first. But after Red was told to go to Professor Oak's Laboratory to get a Pokemon he went their and saw Bulbasaur. But in a glance a wild Machoke came out of no where and grabbed Red. So Red quickly ordered Bulbasaur to use Solarbeam and it was successful. So watching everything Professor Oak gave Red, Bulbasaur. From then on Bulbasaur became a Venusaur and stuck with each other to bitter end. On Ash's Adventures, He caught Bulbasaur while protecting The Pokemon Village somewhere in the Kanto Region.

Fun Facts:Bulbasaur's Sprout on its back is said to contain mysterious powers and every time he evolves the Sprout blooms every time. Bulbasaur's weaknesses are Fire,Psychic,and Flying. It's a Grass and Poison Type. It's evolution cycle is Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, then Venusaur.
Bulbasaur BW

Bulbasaur (Unova)

Ivysaur BW

Ivysaur (Unova)

Venusaur BW

Venusaur (Unova)

Venusaur XY

Venusaur (Kalos)

Ivysaur XY Back

Ivysaur (Kalos) (Back)

Bulbasaur XY Back

Bulbasaur (Kalos) (Back)

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