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This is my archive for my SandBox. Please do not edit this since it's just a archive and it needs no editing. If it does need editing than please ask me first.

Relic Path

Relic Passage
こだいのぬけみち Ancient Path Unknown
Information about Relic Passage
Region: Unova
Connecting locations: Southwest of Relic Castle
Weather: Dark,Stormy
Kind: Unknown
Needed HM: Unknown
Generation(s) available: V

Relic Passage (Japanese: こだいのぬけみち Ancient Path), Is a cave-like passage. It's location is southwest from the Relic Castle.

Midnight Forest

Midnight Forest
あんやのもり Dark Night Forest
Information about Midnight Forest
Region: Sinnoh
Connecting locations: Unknown
Weather: N/A
Kind: Bug
Needed HM: Unknown

  Midnight Forest (Japanese:あんやのもり Dark Night Forest) is a dungeon in  Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and PokEmon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Sky. It is unlocked by accepting a job with "??" as it's location. It has about 25 floors, With the last floor containing a box.

Latios can be found on the last floor (24th Floor), But only after Manaphy has told the player about the Marine Resort and if the player has they Mystery part in the bag.

On floor 15, there is a locked room containing. The Red Silk trade items.

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