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December 31, 2007

Roleplayer, Storyteller, and Citizen of Rome. I was introduced to the Pokémon world at the age of 37 by my Ma. I reckon it appeals to that part of me that always wanted one of everything as a pet...<g> I've never played the game, but am fascinated by the creatures as animals and in the natural history/ecology of the setting. I enjoy writing Roman "historical fantasy" and wildlife fiction. I am the Curator and Webmaster of the Societas Via Romana, the Society of the Roman Way, a smallish but lively Roman cultural-enthusiast organisation. I'm also active in several other Roman groups, and do Roman-era historical reenactment most weekends between March and November. I currently edit two other Wikis. Other interests include natural history; historical cultural anthropology; play; exploration; writing; drawing; roleplaying; and my little dog Curli. My personal Web site is the Roman Outpost.

Current Projects

Ruling Obsession/Mission on this Wiki: Make sure everything that's supposed to be in each major Category actually is. Pro exemplo, Category:Grass Pokémon should include all of them. (Daggone Romans. Gotta go around Organising everything...we make great database wizards.) >({|;-)

Now catting...

Bulletin (27 Ian 08): I have a lot going on with my own sites at the moment; I'll try to check in at least every day or two, but my availability for heavy work will be rather limited.

Displeased (8 Feb 08): Someone's undoing my cats. See Chimchar and discussion on Blue Isles...

Back!...kinda (18 Feb 10): Besides TPE, I'm on the Avatar movie Wiki and on the Roman historical-recreation community Mons Aventinus. I need to re-get my bearings here; it's gotten so nice I hardly recognise it! Looking forward to adding my duum denarii here, there, and everywhere. (Heia, MarioGalaxy! Nice to be missed!) >({|:-D

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