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July 24, 2012
  • I live in England
  • I was born on April 19
  • My occupation is a manga writer, student and anime lover
  • I am female
Rainbow Shifter
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"All pages are stubs. Every picture is unclear. Every synopsis is incomplete. We must strive in order to become better."
— Me
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About me

Rainbow Shifter is a member of PokePowerBanner and any questions about PokePower should be asked here.

Hello Pokemon community! I am very pleased to have finally joined this wiki and I hope to happily edit away like the rest of you. I am not very good with codes so sorry if my profile looks a mess! I have created a Work Page so that I can start to help cleanup some larger articles and drastically expand others. Anybody who wants to help with the current project(s) must ask me first.

You can also find me on Bulbapedia under the name of "Rainbow Shifter", but this does not mean that I copy information from there and put it on here or visa versa. I am also on the forums of ONM under the name of "Rainbow Shifter".

Also I am a full time member of the Wikia Language Brigade (WLB) for short and I work in three of their many departments: EN, FR and JA. So I shall also be less active on this wiki but if you do need any help concerning translations then head on down to our hub on Community Central.

WLB-English EN | English translator
This user is a Wikia Language Brigadier who translates to and/or from English.
The Wikia Language Brigade is a voluntary project by Wikia users to help translate their own and other Wikia communities in the many available languages. You can request translations from our Brigadiers (project members). Check out the project page to see which users translate to/from what languages, and leave your request on their talk page or message wall.

Being Project Member: Advantages

  • Fellow Brigadiers will prioritize your translation requests.
  • You get your name "out there" and may attract contributors for your own wiki.
  • Your effort will give chances to communities that need a helping hand.

The Wikia Language Brigade can always use extra members! All you need to do to join, is putting your username and language level on the project page, under every language you are willing to translate. Any further questions? Contact the project leader.

WLB-French FR | French translator
Cet utilisateur est un Brigadier de Langue de Wikia, qui traduit en et/ou de français.
La Brigade de langues de Wikia est un projet volontariat par des utilisateurs de Wikia pour aider à traduire des communautés Wikia de eux ou des communautés Wikia dans plusieurs langues différents. Vous pouvez faire une demande de traduction de nos Brigadier (membres du projet). Veuillez noter la page du projet pour voir quel utilisateur peut traduire de quelle langue, puis demander sur leur page de discussion ou sur leur mûr.

Être membre du projet: Avantages

  • Les Brigadiers feront votre demandes de traduction en premier.
  • Mettre ton nom « au de-là » peut attirer de nouveau contributeurs pour votre wiki.
  • Votre effort va donner des chances à des communautés qui ont besoin de l'aide.

La Brigade de langues de Wikia peut toujours avoir de membres d'extra ! Tout ce que vous avez besoin pour rejoindre, est de mettre votre nom et niveau de langue sur la page du projet, sur tous les langues que vous voulez traduire. Avez-vous des questions ? Contactez le chef de projet.

WLB-Japanese JA | Japanese translator
ウィキア言語ブリゲードとは、多くのコミュニティでの翻訳/訂正を支援する、ウィキアユーザーによる有志のユーザープロジェクトです。プロジェクトページに記載されている翻訳可能なユーザー (プロジェクトメンバー) に、依頼をすることができます。翻訳依頼は翻訳リクエストページ、訂正依頼は訂正リクエストページで受け付けています。

あなたもプロジェクトメンバーになりませんか? その利点は?

  • ブリガディア (WLBメンバー) は、優先的に翻訳依頼を引き受けてもらうことができます。
  • 依頼を引き受けることによって、そのユーザーの知名度が上がりコミュニティが活発化します。
  • メンバーどうしの助け合いが、コミュニティを活発化させます。

ウィキア言語ブリゲードは、新しい仲間を歓迎しています! プロジェクトページに利用者名、翻訳できる言語とレベル、(忙しさなどの) 状況を書くだけでメンバーになれます。ご質問がある場合はプロジェクトリーダーに連絡してください。

To-do list

  • Make this wiki just as good as Bulbapedia.
  • Diamond and Pearl and Black and White 2 Walkthroughs.
  • Check over the Pokémon pages.
  • Drastically expand the Battle Frontier pages.

Pages I have created

Mewtwo Psychic SS026-1- Mewtwo has chosen Rainbow Shifter to be Featured User!

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