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  • I live in England
  • I was born on April 19
  • My occupation is a manga writer, student and anime lover
  • I am female
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Please visit [[Pokepower:Membership| here.]]
Retarded moron who hates PINK.
==About me==
''Hello Pokemon community! I am very pleased to have finally joined this wiki and I hope to happily edit away like the rest of you. I am not very good with codes so sorry if my profile looks a mess and things like that!''
''If you have a question then please feel free to ask it over at my talk page and I will try to answer in to the best of my ability. I am able to communicate using advanced English and French, and some Japanese.''
''I have created a [[User:Rainbow Shifter/Work Page|Work Page]] so that I can start to help cleanup some larger articles and drastically expand others. Anybody who wants to help with the current project(s) must ask me first ''
[[File:Galactic icon.png|50px|center|link=]]
===My favorite Pokémon===
These are my favorite pokemon that I either have in my team for the video game or in my deck for the trading card game.
==To-do list==
*'''Make this wiki just as good as Bulbapedia.'''
*Edit and add the sprites to the [[Gender Differences]] page.
*Add pictures to the pages for Pokemon moves.
*Do major editing to the [[Lisa (Movie)]] article.
*Do major editing to the [[Tracey's Scyther]] article.
*Do major editing to the [[Magoichi]] article.
*Do major editing to the [[Beat Up]] article.
*Do major editing to the [[Charmander and Friends]] article.
*Check over the [[Pokémon]] pages.
*Mark the anime articles with the [[Template:Incomplete-plot]] and then add the plot later.
*Check out [[Special:Wantedpages]].
==Pages I have created==
*[[Seaside Cave]]
==My Userboxes==
{{User female}}
{{User British}}
{{User Fire}}
{{User Flying}}
{{Generation III}}
{{Generation V}}

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Retarded moron who hates PINK.

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