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  • I live in A very dark corner...
  • I was born on August 14
  • My occupation is Computer work
  • I am Male
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About me Hello

A feirce trainer looking for some good battles and or what not.....

I may be a noob is some eyes but i only excpet poeple for who they are not by what they see in judgement.......Maybe trying become a Champion but thats just me......

so far the only pokemon ive had or wanted to use is Regigigas......I would tell of my other pokemon but im not going to say unless you find out......

I still wonder yet why some poeple talk about me in away about me always talking about Regigigas but its the one pokemon i seriously enjoy too use that isnt a problem is it............or maybe not but i only use Regigigas becuase i use him like Ash uses Pikachu..... :P .....

Hello and or Welcome

My favorite pages My friends









So far none are needed unless they wanna be my so called friend....

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