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  • My occupation is Saving the Omniverse
  • I am Male
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|info-background = LightSteelBlue
|logo-background = LightSteelBlue
|info = I don't have a favorite Pokémon, if you ask me which one is my favoritest, I will not answer.}}
Winky wink, I am sooooo good. [[User:Raging Blast|<3 I hav' a crush <3]] 13:32, June 9, 2011 (UTC)
I haz knwledge of Pokemon and I know much, so I approve my first point. I am also a very good guy :)
My userpage is the best in the world and my profile pic is the best in the world. L is the best in the worlds and so is Death Note. You're foolish if you disagree.
L's prolly the smartest guy in the world. If he was a trainer... sheeeh...
And, please talk to me, just do it.
Absolz cool.
I know I'm so cool, stop flattering me.
I am your superior, so yah.

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