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| style="height:100px; width:65%;" valign="top"|I'm a big Pokemon fan, [[Skarmory]] can knock out [[Groudon]], [[Mudkip]] is the best starter, [[Generation III]] all the way, Never F*ck about against me
| style="height:100px; width:65%;" valign="top"| "Should we just say fear the Fairies and leave it at that?"- Me
|[[File:User welcome image.png|150px|center|link=]]
|[[File:User welcome image.png|150px|center|link=]]
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|- style="background:#336699; text-align:center; font-size:big; color:white;"

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"Should we just say fear the Fairies and leave it at that?"- Me
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I absolutley LOVE Aron, I've always chose Water-type starters, so there's Mudkip, Squrtile and Totodile, I don't try catching them all, i just get on with the journey, at the Elite 4 in Gen 3.

"Defeat the Elite Four first time, you wil never have any hassle.. 'til you do something dumb and challenge Mewtwo with a Poison-Type or Fighting-Type." Me, around 2 seconds after starting this edit...

Master to Link the Skarmory, Zelda the Azumarill and Mark the Carracosta.

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