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February 25, 2011
NAME Delano V Byrd aka Quilava62

AGE 19

Born May 18 1991

Pokemon games i own Pokemon Blue(usedto),Pokemon Snap(usedto), Pokemon Silver, Pokemon leafgreen, Pokemon mystery dugeon red rescue team, Pokemon Battle Revolution,Pokemon Emerald

Top10 Favorite pokemon #1 Pikachu #2 Quilava #3 Jolteon #4 Latios #5 Latias #6 Growlithe #7 Shaymin(skyforme) #8 Furret #9 Servine #10 Buizel

Favorite Attack Volt Tackle because its really cool and no one uses it better than ash's Pikachu

Dream Pokemon Team Pikachu,Dewott,Latios,Sandslash,Furret and Quilava

Favorite Type Electric Types, WHY? mainly because of Pikachu but others like Raichu,Jolteon,Emolga and Blitzle, I do not want to get on their bad side unless i want to get shocked.

About Me I loved pokemon since Generation1(10years to be exact) and i never missed a single episode from kanto to unova and i dont plan to.PokeFan Forever!!!

Favorite Legendary Latios why? he's super tough and in my opinion The most Epic legendary pokemon Ive ever seen in one way it looks cute in another it looks serious but Latios is always epic and F'N awesome

Pikachu is my newly favorite pokemon starting 3-3-11

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