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** Boldness: be bold in proposing useful changes; but '''do not''' be bold in reverting
** Boldness: be bold in proposing useful changes; but '''do not''' be bold in reverting

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Punk Boi 8 is an Australian editior.

I am currently banned for for 1 year from Wikipedia, for blantly disregarding a mentoring program. I am editng this wiki with the sole object to get a good reputation to appeal for the ban to be overturned. Any enquires can be directed to my mentor at User Talk:Trödel

Mentoring Advice from Trödel

Excratct of message

If you just can't wait out the time, then find something useful to do - like edit on another website. Make consistent helpful contributions over a period of 3-6 months and then point to that as evidence that you have changed. That would do much more than threatening to appeal. has plenty of communities to choose from - I'm sure you could find something you're interested in. Additionally, there are many independent special purpose wikis using the same software as Wikipedia that focus on specific topics (like TV shows). If you choose to use it would be easier to confirm you were in fact the same user on that site as on Wikipedia.

Be careful, because of your history on Wikipedia - you will be quickly banned if you repeat the same mistakes.

==== Action Plan

  • Carefully review the policies of the wiki you choose - Done
  • Edit in the article and talk space primarily (i.e. over 95% of the edits) - Currently 100% of edits
    • Visit your local library to properly document your additions
    • Provide citations for articles that are without references
    • Do more than create a "References" section - add footnotes to the specific part of the text that the reference supports
  • Do not make propose new policies or projects or processes
  • Again edit articles by contributing useful encyclopedic information - Done, see Ludicolo
  • Assuming the wiki you choose is similar to Wikipedia, edit with these ideas in mind:
    • Verifiability: each edit to an article should be verifiable to a reliable source - Wikipedia main source
    • Neutrality: each edit to an article should use neutral descriptive language
    • Civility: all edits to any page and the edit summaries should use kind language in the spirit of Wikilove
    • Do not take any action that you would justify using an appeal to "ignore all rules" until mentoring is over and you have an established reputation. -Will not and have not (No equivent to WP:IAR)
    • Boldness: be bold in proposing useful changes; but do not be bold in reverting

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