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P. Selenia L.

one fine day when ash, pikachu, dawn, piplup, and brock where walking in the forest just getting away from the hard work and just goofing off, when all of a sudden a cubone popped out of nowhere. crying and was in a hurry, the cubone gave a picture he was hiding in his scull and gave it to ash. Ash somehow remember the girl in the picture in a dream. after ash explained his dream, the cubone was fored to take them to a burning house, where a misterious Shadow Lugia and a shadow Ho-oh were flying on top of the house. Ash was forced to take out Buizel and use water gun, as for dawn she used piplup and also used water gun. Once the fire was almost out, Ash went runnig inside with pikachu and buizel and found a girl laying on the ground surronded by 10 other pokemon. A luxio(the same one found in the sewer trying to help the wailford), Absol, Floatzel, Ursaring, Gardevoir, Garchomp, and a Tropius were trying to pick selenia up and carry her out the door. Ash and his pokemon tried to help but the door was closed. Out of nowhere Mamoswine Jumped threw the front of the house.

Selenia is the most difficult to get threw person in the anime. Ash is always trying to get her attention by trying to follow her when she goes off by her self.

Selenia's Party

in her kingdom, She has about 20 pokemon in her orange purse. Now she only carries 16 of them. she only lets them out when a special event is happening or if she wants to kick team rocket butt!

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Shadow Lugia is the first pokemon Selenia ever got. As the transportation and the pokemon she acts like the mother and the father she never got.  
Shadow lugia
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