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About me

HI ! 

Name PokePika999
A.K.A PokePika13
Pokémon Used 025.gif 498.gif 520.png 585B.png 506.gif 581.png
Hometown New barktown
Age 15
Height  ???
League Rank
Other Pokémon at Lab 157.png 164.png 160.png 153.png 187.png 397.png 404.png 418.png 471.png 458.png 017.png 134.png 136.png 133.png 022.png 277.png 254.png 278.png 261.png 214.png
Friends User:WSpikachu777
Edit Count This user has 100 total edits.

I am an young pokemon Trainer from New bark town. I started off with a small Pichu, who has now evolved into an Pikachu.

My Favouriate Pages

My Friends

My Pokémon Team
Image 025.png 498.png 520.png 585B.png 506.png 581.png
Information Pikachu Tepig Tranquill Deerling Lillipup Swanna
Level 49 44 42 38 40 39
Move 1 Thunder Shock Tackle Gust Tackle Tackle Water Gun
Move 2 Iron Tail Ember Quick Attack Double Kick Bite Wing Attack
Move 3 Quick Attack Flame Charge Air Cutter Energy Ball Take Down Water Pulse
Move 4 Volt Tackle Flare Blitz Razor Wind Solar Beam Giga Impact Aerial Ace
My Pokémon Team

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