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A.K.A Plankton5165
Pokémon Used Too many to count
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Age 13 (born in 1999)
Height 5'5" (155+ lb.)
League Rank Three-time champion
Other Pokémon at Lab Too many to count
Friends N/A
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Pokémon HeartGold Team

My HeartGold Team
Image 160 181 189 028 468 250
Information Feraligatr Ampharos Jumpluff Sandslash Togekiss Ho-Oh
Level 56 64 58 58 74 61
Move 1 Hydro Cannon Shock Wave Sleep Powder Hyper Beam Double-Edge Overheat
Move 2 Surf Focus Punch SolarBeam Earthquake Fly Fly
Move 3 Strength Thunder Giga Drain Rock Climb Extrasensory Extrasensory
Move 4 Waterfall Iron Tail Hyper Beam Cut Rock Smash Hyper Beam
My HeartGold Team

Pokémon Platinum Version

My Platinum Team
Image 395 405 426 437 126 460
Information Empoleon Luxray Drifblim Bronzong Magmar Abomasnow
Level 60 59 56 54 56 58
Move 1 Cut Crunch Defog Hypnosis Flamethrower Wood Hammer
Move 2 Surf Thunder Fly Flash Cannon Confuse Ray Blizzard
Move 3 Rock Climb Thunder Fang Shadow Ball Dream Eater Lava Plume Grass Knot
Move 4 Waterfall Shock Wave Focus Energy Iron Defense Faint Attack Ice Shard
My Platinum Team

Pokémon White Version

My White Team
Image 503 555 558 587 598 623
Information Samurott Darmanitan Crustle Emolga Ferrothorn Golurk
Level 56 57 56 59 58 55
Move 1 Blizzard Fire Punch X-Scissor Flash SolarBeam Curse
Move 2 Tail Whip Thrash Faint Attack Shock Wave Ingrain Strength
Move 3 Dive Flare Blitz Rock Slide Thunder Power Whip Magnitude
Move 4 Surf Hammer Arm Shell Smash Acrobatics Flash Cannon Fly
My White Team

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