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February 18, 2010

Hi! I'm Pikalord, my Trainer's name on Pokemon Diamond is Lucas. I specialize in Water-Type Pokemon and I have 5 Gym Badges!

This is me on Pokemon Diamond!

What's New with Pikalord?

February 16th 2010:

I've just taught my Staravia how to use Fly! And I've taught it how to use Defog!

February 15th 2010:

My Prinplup evolved into Empoleon! It's learned loads of Moves and I've won loads of Battles!

February 17th 2010:

I just beat these Gym Leaders:

  • Leader Mylene (Veilstone)
  • Leader Wake (Pastoria)

Plus, I caught a Pikachu!

February 18th 2010:

I just beat these Gym Leaders:

  • Leader Fantina (Hearthome)

And, I figured out how to use Surf, Fly, Defog, and Strength!

Pikalord's Pokemon Diamond Journal!

Read my Journal on what's happened to me on Pokemon Diamond!

Pokemon DP Journal


Pikalord's Pokemon!

See how many Pokemon I've caught!

The Pokemon Archives

Pokemon Diamond - Gym Battles

I'm a great Storyteller. So I'm making these Stories of me as I Fight my Gym Battles and earn my Medals! Plus, There's Pokemon Trainer Stories too! They tell the Story of how I Battled most of my Fellow Trainers (And my Rival) And how I caught my Pokemon!

Read the Gym Battle Stories!

The Journey of Lucas (Pikalord)!

This great Story of my Journey of becoming a Pokemon Training Master! It includes all the Action, All the Battles, and all of the really wierd stuff that happened to me in Sinnoh!

NcpokefanAdded by Ncpokefan

Read the Tale of Pikalord, Umm, I mean Lucas!

The Pikalord Guide to Pokemon Diamond!

This is my ultimate Guide to Pokemon Diamond, the Game for Nintendo DS! It features everything, even added bonuses!

Read the Ultimate Guide of Pokemon Diamond!

How Well Do You Know your Sinnoh Pokemon?

How well do you know your Sinnoh Pokemon?

Test yourself!

Take the Test!

Legends Are Awakening...

The Legends of Sinnoh are awakening from their slumber, ready for Trainers to catch when they've beaten the Elite Four in the Pokemon League...

And I've got a LOAD of Info on EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!

This handy guide will tell you where to find, and how to catch, the Legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh!

And, for people who have just started, Shaymin and Giratina can both be caught on Pokemon Diamond!

The Guide to the Legends

My Champion's Island!

Thinking of getting to the Champion Island? Then, there's some little Tests for you to do!

Oh hang on!

You look like you've already become the Champion!

To start your new Adventure, go to this Link!


Click here to Enter Snowpoint City!

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