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Helo! I'm Pikachu10009. I have been on Wiki for a while & now I am following the Pokemon Wiki. I love Pokemon. I have several games and saw alot of the episodes of the TV series.


Azelf is my favorite Pokemon & second favorite charecter ever. It is so strong & so cute. I use Azelf quite a bit in the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl games. I'd love to express my love on Azelf in this wiki If I could!

File:Azelf (2).jpg
Even though Azelf is a boy in the Pokemon Exploer games, it is still considered a genderless species. Honestly, i look at it as a girl, because it's eyes look alot like the eyes on Latia's(who is a female), and the fact that it's helmet looks like if it was replaced with hair, it would be the short style hair, girls wear.

I also love Azelf because it is blue. My favorite color, and that it is the toughest lake guardian in the Pokemon Diamond, Pearl & Platinum games.


File:Mesprit 1.jpg
Mesprit is my second favorite Pokemon(O.K, it's another lake guardian, like Azelf. But she's cool too!) She's another Pokemon that I seem to use quite a bit in the DS Pokemon games. I know everyone knows(including me) that she's a girl, so new topic..! She is really unique because alot of the times, she is like in the spotlight in almost every photo. Azelf & Uxie are also there posing, but Mesprit looks really cheery doing it though :D. She four ponytails on both sides of her head makes her look even cuter. She is quite difficult to catch in the games, but she is probably one of thoughs Pokemon who should be caught with a Master Ball.


Uxie is my other favorite Pokemon (I admit, I love all the lake guardians) He's the only lake guardian I will always consider a boy. He is really cute, his helemt looks like the hairstyle my best friend has. Like everyone else, I am very curious about the look of Uxie's eyes. I hope soon, Uxie will show off his eyes at someone, and wipe out their memory..XD!

I like using Uxie with Azelf during a two-Pokemon match, because Uxie has very high defense, while Azelf has high Attack. Honestly, if these three lake guardians exsist in our real time, I would love to hug them all <3

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