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About me My current Pokemon team (Unova)
Hi! I'm Pokemon the Hedgehog and I'm here with my vast knowledge of the Pokemon universe to contribute and make this wiki as huge as the game series itself! Samurott, Braviary, Galvantula, Emolga, Lucario, Chandelure
Badges obtained My friends

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File:50px-Boulderbadge.pngFile:34px-Cascadebadge.pngFile:48px-Thunderbadge.pngFile:50px-Rainbow Badge.pngFile:44px-Soulbadge.pngFile:49px-Marshbadge.pngVolcanobadgeFile:49px-Earthbadge.png

File:48px-Johto Pokémon League icon.png


Hoenn Pokémon League icon


Sinnoh Pokémon League icon


File:50px-Isshu Pokémon League icon.png

File:Tribadge.pngBasicbadgeFile:Beetlebadge.pngBoltbadgeQuakebadgeJetbadgeFile:Iciclebadge Isshu.pngFile:Legendbadge Isshu.png

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