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December 2, 2010

I have not finished my user page


I PKMN Trainer Daniel, now I'm in Wikidex here you can see my user page, I'll create items that I have created in Wikidex and pass here as is the case for games developers is an example of Genius Sonority, Ambrella among others.

My Pokémon Games

Daniel Carlos
Name Daniel Carlos
A.K.A {{{A.K.A}}}
Pokémon Used [[]]
Hometown Castelia City
Age 17
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League Rank Champion
Other Pokémon at Lab {{{Pokemon lab}}}
Friends N/A
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Pokemon Blue

When was released this game I was too young, but now I'm playing through my R4

LeafGreen boxart

Since I missed buying the Ruby and Sapphire version did not hesitate to buy this version to meet the Kanto region

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