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<div style=" cursor: crosshair;background-color:#FDD4C2;border: ridge 6px #CA6161;">
{{:w:User:Ozank}}{{User male}}{{User age|17}}{{User British}}{{User Steel}}{{User Psychic}}{{Generation IV}}
{| align="center" style="text-align:center;"
{{User Normal}}{{User Ground}}{{User Water}}{{User Rock}}{{Generation II}}{{Generation III}}
|<div style="border: ridge 3px #CA6161; padding: 10px; width: 260px;background-color:#FDD4C2;"><u><h1>'''Greetings!'''</h1></u><span style="Font-family:Tahoma;">'''I'm Ozank. I'm an active editor on this wiki. I'm also an active administrator over on the [[w:c:mlp:User:Ozank|My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]] wiki and the [[w:c:a:User:Ozank|Answers]] wiki.'''<br /></span><hr><span class="wikia-single-button">[[w:Special:Chat|<span style="color:LightBlue">Community Central Chat</span>]]</span><br /><br /><span class="wikia-single-button">[[w:Message Wall:Ozank|<span style="color:LightBlue">Need to contact me?</span>]]</span></div>
| style=" vertical-align:top-right;" |
[[File:Beautiful OC.png|300px]]
|}</div>{{User male}}{{User age|17}}{{User British}}{{User Steel}}{{User Psychic}}{{User Normal}}
{{User Ground}}{{User Water}}{{User Rock}}{{Generation II}}{{Generation III}}{{Generation IV}}

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Male Symbol This user is male.
17 This user is 17 years old.
Flag of the United Kingdom This user is British (or comes from the UK).
Type Steel This user is a fan of Steel type Pokémon.
Type Psychic This user is a fan of Psychic type Pokémon.
390 This user is a fan of Generation IV.
Type Normal This user is a fan of Normal type Pokémon.
Type Ground This user is a fan of Ground type Pokémon.
Type Water This user is a fan of Water type Pokémon.
Type Rock This user is a fan of Rock type Pokémon.
158 This user is a fan of Generation II.
255 This user is a fan of Generation III.

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