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My Favourite Pokemon

My favourite Pokemon is Pikachu . It is yellow coloured and has long cute ears^^. Pikachu is a main Pokemon in the anime too. It is a electric mouse type Pokemon. His master is Ash Ketchum, a Pokemon trainer. Ash's professor, Professor Oak gave him a Pokeball that is Pikachu. At first, Pikachu is a naughty Pokemon, then, Ash trained him with all of his strength to train Pikachu.

Another favourite Pokemon is Piplup. It is a penguin and water type Pokemon. It appeared in the anime in the Pokemon diamond.It also appeared in many movies such as The Rise Of Darkrai,Giratina and The Sky Warrior and more. It's master is Dawn, a female Pokemon Trainer. Her professor is Professor Rowan. Piplup is always quarrelling with Pikachu because of a little thing.

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