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Hi! I really like '''Oshawotts'''. Water-Types, Ice-Types and Ghost-Types are really cool in my opinion.[[File:Oshawott_B2W2.gif|thumb|Oshawott
{| cellspacing="1" style="border:2px solid #336699; width:100%;"
]]<gallery type="slider" orientation="bottom">
|- style="background:#336699; text-align:center; height:50px; font-size:big; color:white;"
Oshawott XY.gif|Oshawott|link=Oshawott|linktext=Oshawott
!About me
| style="height:100px; width:65%;" valign="top"|''I like Pokémon.''
|[[File:User welcome image.png|150px|center|link=]]
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!My favorite pages
!My friends
|Add links to your favorite pages on the wiki here!
* [[oshawott|Oshawott]]
* Favorite page #2
* Favorite page #3
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* <nowiki>[[User:Example]]</nowiki>
* Friend #2
* Friend #3

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Hi! I really like Oshawotts. Water-Types, Ice-Types and Ghost-Types are really cool in my opinion.
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