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Oshawott Gijinka

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March 6, 2011

About me

I am a true Pokemon Fan and willing to help anyone. I have a bulbapedia account and try to edit there as well.


Karul Lin - Karu Rin

Alias Oshawott Gijinka
Class Pokemon Ranger
Favorite Game Pokemon Heart Gold
Favorite Opening Song Pokemon Best Wishes! Opening
Favorite Pokemon Vaporeon/Oshawott

Favorite Pokemon

Spikey Eared Pichu 0. Spiky-eared Pichu and Pikachu-Colored Pichu

File:Vaporeons.png1. Vaporeon

File:Oshawott BW Sprite.png 2. Oshawott

File:Kibago BW.png 3. Axew

Vanilluxe BW 4. Vanilluxe

File:Pikachu(HGSS)SpriteMale.png 5. Pikachu

My contributions

Continuing to add/edit articles

My favorite pages

My Pokemon

Pokemon Emerald/Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire/Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen
File:Dragonite BW.png 1. Dragonite
File:PolitoedSprite.png 2. Politoed
File:Lol.gif 3. Dunsparce
File:Delcattysprite.png 4. Delcatty
File:Clefable(HGSS)Sprite.png 5. Clefable
File:Rhydon.gif 6. Rhydon
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl
File:Pikachu(DP)SpriteMale.png 1. Pikachu
File:Empoleon Sprite.png 2. Empoleon
File:Infernape.png 3. Infernape
File:Torterra.gif 4. Torterra
File:Garchomp BW.png 5. Garchomp
File:Gliscor(P)SpriteMale.png 6. Gliscor
Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver
File:Ninjask(E)Sprite.gif 1. Ninjask
File:Scizor(DP)SpriteMale.png 2. Scizor
File:Shaymin.gif 3. Shaymin
File:AlakazamSprite.gif 4. Alakazam
File:Shucklesprite.png 5. Shuckle
File:Breloom BW.png 6. Breloom
Pokemon Black and White
File:Ninjask(E)Sprite.gif Ninjask
File:ScizorHGSSSprite.png Scizor
File:Abagoura.png GIANT Carracosta D:<
Vanilluxe BW Vanilluxe
File:Ulgamoth BW.png Volcarona
Hydreigon Hydreigon

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