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List of Pokémon that can fuse
Pokémon Fusion Method
079Slowpoke + 090 Shellder 080Slowbro Evolution (Slowpoke)
199Slowking Trade Evolution (Slowpoke)
081+081+081Magnemite 082Magneton


Pokémon Forms are variations between individual Pokémon, these variations may be different in types, ability, stats, or learnsets sometimes forms are purely aesthetic. Pokémon Forms are first introduced in Generation II with Unown but purely aesthetic. In Generation III some Pokémon forms begin to bear differences in types, ability, stats, or learnsets with Castform (weathers effecting its typing) and Deoxys (stats and learnsets variations among forms however Deoxys' forms are version locked until Generation IV).

Pokémon Forms
Formes by Ability
List of Pokémon that transform by Ability
Name Type Ability Forme Forme Type
Castform 351 Type Normal Forecast Sunny 351B Type Fire
Rainy 351C Type Water
Snowy 351D Type Ice
Cherrim 421 Type Grass Flower Gift Downcast 421 Type Grass
Sunshine 421B Type Grass
Arceus 493 Type Normal Multitype Fire Type Fire
Water Type Water
Grass Type Grass
Electric Type Electric
Ice Type Ice
Fighting Type Fighting
Poison Type Poison
Ground Type Ground
Flying Type Flying
Psychic Type Psychic
Bug Type Bug
Rock Type Rock
Ghost Type Ghost
Dragon Type Dragon
Dark Type Dark
Steel Type Steel
Fairy Type Fairy
Darmanitan 555 Type Fire Zen Mode Zen Mode 555A Type FireType Psychic
Aegislash 681 Type SteelType Ghost Stance Change Shield 681 Type SteelType Ghost
Blade File:681-b.png Type SteelType Ghost
Formes by Items
List of Pokémon that transform by Item
Name Type Item Forme Forme Type
Giratina 487 Type GhostType Dragon Griesous Orb Origin 487B Type GhostType Dragon
Shaymin 492 Type Grass Gracidea Flower Sky 492B Type GrassType Flying
Tornadus 641 Type Flying Reverse Mirror Therian 641A Type Flying
Thundurus 642 Type ElectricType Flying Reverse Mirror Therian 642A Type ElectricType Flying
Landorus 645 Type GroundType Flying Reverse Mirror Therian 645A Type GroundType Flying
Kyurem 646 Type DragonType Ice DNA Splicers Black Kyurem 646A Type DragonType Ice
White Kyurem File:646W.png Type DragonType Ice
Miscellaneous Formes
List of Pokémon that transfrom with different methods
Name Type Methods Formes Forme Type
Deoxys 386 Type Psychic Meteorites Attack 386B Type Psychic
Defense 386C Type Psychic
Speed 386D Type Psychic
Rotom 479 Type ElectricType Ghost Appliances Heat 479B Type ElectricType Fire
Wash 479C Type ElectricType Water
Frost 479D Type ElectricType Ice
Fan 479E Type ElectricType Flying
Mow 479F Type ElectricType Grass
Deerling 585 Type NormalType Grass Seasons Spring 585 Type NormalType Grass
Summer 585A Type NormalType Grass
Autumn 585B Type NormalType Grass
Winter 585C Type NormalType Grass
Sawsbuck 585 Type NormalType Grass Seasons Spring 586 Type NormalType Grass
Summer 586A Type NormalType Grass
Autumn 586B Type NormalType Grass
Winter 586C Type NormalType Grass
Keldeo 647 Type WaterType Fighting Learn Secret Sword Resolute 647A Type WaterType Fighting
Meloetta 648 Type NormalType Psychic Learn Relic Song Aria 648 Type NormalType Psychic
Pirouette 648A Type NormalType Fighting

Alternate Formes
List of Pokémon with Alternate Formes
Name Formes Type
Burmy Plant 412 Type Bug
Sandy 412B Type Bug
Trashy 412C Type Bug
Wormadam Plant 413 Type BugType Grass
Sandy 413B Type BugType Ground
Trashy 413C Type BugType Steel
Shellos West 422A Type Water
East 422B Type Water
Gastrodon West 423A Type WaterType Ground
East 423B Type WaterType Ground
Basculin Red stripe 550 Type Water
Blue stripe 550B Type Water
All of Unown's forms
Unknown Forms
Other Forms
Normal Armored (M2 Bind) Clefairy DNA
150Mewtwo Armor mewtwo Clefairy mewtwo
Normal Shadow
249Lugia Shadow lugia
Normal Giant
491Darkrai Darkraipokepark
Normal Form High-Speed Flight Form
649Genesect High speed flight form
Pokémon League
Isshu Pokémon League iconThe Kalos Pokémon LeagueIsshu Pokémon League icon
Elite Four Wikstrom
Type Steel
707 Klefki Level 63 Type SteelType Fairy
476 Probopass Level 63 Type RockType Steel
212 Scizor Level 63 Type BugType Steel
681 Aegislash Level 65 Type SteelType Ghost
Elite Four Malva
Type Fire
668 Pyroar Level 63 Type FireType Normal
324 Torkoal Level 63 Type Fire
609 Chandelure Level 63 Type GhostType Fire
663 Talonflame Level 63 Type FireType Flying
Elite Four Drasna
Type Dragon
691 Dragalge Level 63 Type PoisonType Dragon
334 Altaria Level 63 Type DragonType Flying
621 Druddigon Level 63 Type Dragon
715 Noivern Level 65 Type FlyingType Dragon
Elite Four Siebold
Type Water
693 Clawitzer Level 63 Type Water
121 Starmie Level 63 Type WaterType Psychic
130 Gyarados Level 63 Type WaterType Flying
689 Barbaracle Level 65 Type RockType Water
Champion Diantha
Type ???
701 Hawlucha Level 64 Type FightingType Flying
697 Tyrantrum Level 65 Type RockType Dragon
699 Aurorus Level 65 Type RockType Ice
711 Gourgeist Level 65 Type GhostType Grass
706 Goodra Level 66 Type Dragon
282 Gardevoir Level 68 Type PsychicType Fairy

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