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|[[File:Type Dragon.gif]][[File:Type Ice.gif]]
|[[File:Type Dragon.gif]][[File:Type Ice.gif]]
|White Kyurem [[File:646B.png]]
|White Kyurem [[File:646W.png]]
|[[File:Type Dragon.gif]][[File:Type Ice.gif]]
|[[File:Type Dragon.gif]][[File:Type Ice.gif]]

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Pokémon Forms

Pokémon Forms are variations between individual Pokémon, these variations may be different in types, ability, stats, or learnsets sometimes forms are purely aesthetic. Pokémon Forms are first introduced in Generation II with Unown but purely aesthetic. In Generation III some Pokémon forms begin to bear differences in types, ability, stats, or learnsets with Castform (weathers effecting its typing) and Deoxys (stats and learnsets variations among forms however Deoxys' forms are version locked until Generation IV).

Pokémon Forms

Formes by Ability

List of Pokémon that tranform by Ability
Name Type Ability Forme Forme Type
Castform 351 Type Normal Forecast Sunny 351B Type Fire
Rainy 351C Type Water
Snowy 351D Type Ice
Cherrim 421 Type Grass Flower Gift Downcast 421 Type Grass
Sunshine 421B Type Grass
Darmanitan 555 Type Fire Zen Mode Zen Mode 555A Type FireType Psychic
Aegislash 681 Type SteelType Ghost Stance Change Shield 681 Type SteelType Ghost
Blade File:681-b.png Type SteelType Ghost

Formes by Items

List of Pokémon that tranform by Item
Name Type Item Forme Forme Type
Giratina 487 Type GhostType Dragon Griesous Orb Origin 487B Type GhostType Dragon
Shaymin 492 Type Grass Gracidea Flower Sky 492B Type GrassType Flying
Tornadus 641 Type Flying Reverse Mirror Therian 641A Type Flying
Thundurus 642 Type ElectricType Flying Reverse Mirror Therian 642A Type ElectricType Flying
Landorus 645 Type GroundType Flying Reverse Mirror Therian 645A Type GroundType Flying
Kyurem 646 Type DragonType Ice DNA Splicers Black Kyurem 646A Type DragonType Ice
White Kyurem File:646W.png Type DragonType Ice

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