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  • I live in a house in a country on a planet in the universe
  • I am Male

Hi, I am a huge Pokémon fan, which is, of course, the reason why I came to this Wiki in the first place :P

  • Fire Red: (1st Attempt) Charizard, Clefable, Flareon, Lapras, Ditto, Articuno

(2nd Attempt) Charizard, Primeape, Butterfree, Farfetch'd, Vileplume, Vaporeon

  • Saphire: Swampert, Azumarill, Skitty, Altaria, Banette, Castform
  • Ruby: Blaziken, Mawile, Minun, Azumarill, Flygon, Kecleon
  • Emerald: Sceptile, Manectric, Spinda, Altaria, Sandslash, Luvdisc
  • XD Gale Of Darkness: Umbreon, Walrein, Ampharos, Delcatty, Vulpix, Sandslash
  • Diamond: (1st Attempt) Empoleon, Roserade, Chimecho, Crobat, Dialga, Pichu

(2nd Attempt) Empoleon, Luxio, Roserade, Rapidash, Skuntank, Noctowl

  • Platinum: Torterra, Bibarel, Togekiss, Rotom, Porygon-Z, Mesprit
  • Soul Silver: Typhlosion, Beedrill, Furret, Raikou, Gyarados (shiny), Lugia
  • White: Serperior, Stoutland, Simipour, Musharna, Zebstrika, Cofagrigus/Watchog

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