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for enyone who wants to know my teams on each generation hear it is

~leaf green~

lvl 100 charizard, lvl 100 pikachu, lvl 100 pidgeot, lvl 100 venasore, lvl 100 dragonite, *lvl 100 ho-oh*


lvl 100 typhlosion, lvl 100 ampharos, lvl 100 noctowl, lvl 100 fralagator, lvl 100 tyranitar, *lvl 100 suicune*


lvl 100 blazakin, lvl 100 aggron, lvl 100 swellow, lvl 100 swampert, lvl 100 salamance, *lvl 100 rayquaza*


lvl 100 infernape, lvl 100 luxray, lvl 100 staraptor, lvl 100 torrtera, lvl 100 garchomp, *lvl 100 palkia*


lvl 100 emboar, lvl 100 gigalith, lvl 100 unfeazent, lvl 100 serpereor, lvl 100 hydragen, *lvl 100 zechrom*


no cheating what so ever was used to obtain these teams just time it took me about a week to finish each game and then another to fully lvl them up after the completion of the game ho oh was obtained through an event.

the rason i have two staters per team is because i have kind friends who tade me the pokemon throuout the game i always choos the fire stater and then pick the best looking one for my second stater again no cheating

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