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June 22, 2013
  • I live in *game*: Mossdeep City, Hoenn Region - *real*: L(ie).A., Cali(e)fornia
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is *game*: Trainer - *real*: Student
  • I am a human with a Y-chromosome

Here's what I think about the Pokemon franchise. The show was, is, and always will be awfull. The only thing the cards are good for is selling them on e-bay when there 30 some years old. The games rock... untill gen 5.

Here's what I think about this site. Most of the DYKs are 110% useless. After it removed the BSCs from all the Pokemon, it's usefullness whent from almost needed to tits on a bull. Now I come here when I just want a good giggle.


  • Gen: 3
  • Game: Emerald
  • Pokemon: Latios
  • Type: Dragon

Least Favorites

  • Gen: 2
  • Game: Gold
  • Pokemon: Trubish
  • Type: Bug

I think some of the rules banning certain Pokemon from competions are dumb. I think it should be based on avaliblity and slightly on legendary status. If a Pokemon was only avalible at one point (like a wifi event), then bann it. Alowing them is just not fair. No major legendaries (like Mewtwo or Rayquaza) is understandible. They take the fun out of it. But minor legendaries (like Regice and Cobalion) should be game for everyone. And CERTAINLY don't bann ANY non-legendary ubers (like Blazikin and Salamence)! As rare and powerfull as they may be, anyone can still get them!

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