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August 9, 2011
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Why am I on Pokemon Wikia?

Pokemon Wikia is one way I spend my time. With nothing to do in the weekends and afternoons, I visit this site to edit pages and troll Tkboi. I soon decided to use this time more wisely and edit and create quality work. I may make errors in edits and picture inserts but I will try to make my information as accurate as possible.

Happy the Swampert

This Swampert is my first and best Pokemon; it was Pal Parked at Level 95. At level 98, it can defeat Pokemon at level 100 (of course). It can counter fire, dragon, grass and electric types. With Pokerus and a Macho Band, I attempted to strengthen its stats from Level 96 to 98. I had feared for its stats (due to its Relaxed Nature) but now it due to Swampert's natural stat allocation, it doesn't really matter.

Now at Level 100, the Swampert is able to tank a lot of damage, which is expected of a Swampert. It has been built with a heavily mixed stat pool (possibly too much).

Previous Move Set (Final Hoenn Move Set):

Since Generation IV, the only change to the move set is the replacement of Water Pulse to Avalanche and later the replaement of Ice Beam to Blizzard.

Follow Me

Follow me on the Yugioh Wikia. Cudos to the quality of edits of editors throughout all wikia. Also I thank anyone who has tolerated my incompetence in certain aspects of my edits.

Why am (was) I blocked?

For some reason I am currently blocked from this Wikia for having the same IP address as an affender. The block lasts till next year and I'm itching to get back on. I am being blamed for vandlism.

- MrAsianhappydude

Yeah, not blocked any more! Must have been a IP address block! Thanks to anyone who helped unblock me.

- MrAsianhappydude

Got blocked again but it was again just the IP address. Got unblocked as soon I tried another area.

- MrAsianhappydude

What Happened to the Badges?!

I miss the badges that they used to award here at Pokemon Wiki. THey used to make me feel satisfied and happy about editing. Though almost useless, they provided me the extra incentive to edit. However I can see reasons why they were removed. The badges also gave users rankings that may result in people getting cocky and also may result in people vandilising and repairing the same page in order to get more badges.

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