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  • I am a Lunar Feline

IngoAnimatedSpriteHello, fellow Pokémon Wiki users.EmmetAnimatedSprite

Ever since I was a very young child, Pokémon have always had a very special place in my heart.

I am Autistic, and Pokémon has always been my special interest, so many people find me to be eccentric. I am very shy, but I can be a spitfire with a flaming temper. My favourite type? Fire, of course! I relate to Lysandre in many ways. . .

I am a "Pokémon veteran" -- I've been playing the games and obsessing over Pokémon since the days of Red, Blue, and Yellow. My first games were Blue and Yellow, and I've played games from every Generation since. But so far, I must say that I've enjoyed Generation V (Pokémon Black Version) the most of all. I have to say, Generation V definitely changed my life

Anyhow, I am familiar with Wikia editing, and I love to help out on the Pokémon Wiki in any way I can. ColressAnimatedSprite

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Colress in anime

Note: Sometimes, I can be a bit crazy. . . Mua ha ha! >:)

My Opinions

I am aware that opinions are not suitable for Wiki articles, which must contain facts. However, seeing as this is my page, I do have very strong opinions about certain aspects of Pokémon which I would like to express here. I am aware that not everyone will agree with my opinions, but if you happen to disagree with me, please don't attack or judge me. I have a right to my opinion just like anyone else.

Diantha the Fraud

As you probably know if you've taken a glance at my boxes, I HATE Diantha! I hate this character with a passion! I hate her with every bone in my body!

Why do I hate her so much, you might ask? Well, I personally see her as an evil ogress! She is nothing but a phony and an immodest showoff, running around like a complete idiot in her little winged fairy costume and shorty-shorts.

Just think about it: She's some sort of hotshot movie star actress that many Kalos citizens worship and fawn over (enough to make me vomit), AND she's the Champion as well!? Give me a break! That isn't right! There is no way she is the most talented Pokémon trainer in Kalos! It's obvious that she bought that title, being so rich and famous. . . I would bet that she hired a trainer to catch and train a team of Pokémon for her while she was off filming her pathetic, overrated movies! There is no way she could train and catch Pokémon and become a true Champion with a demanding career like that! She has no battling skills whatsoever!

I swept her team effortlessly on the first try (while playing Pokémon X for the first time), and I was confused, thinking to myself "This is the Champion!? What a joke! Siebold and Wikstrom had way more skills than this airy-fairy braggart loser! She doesn't deserve to be Champion!" The fact is, Diantha is all hype. She's a clown! She would be better off joining a circus. Diantha is by far the worst "Champion" in the history of the Pokémon games.

Some say Diantha is a kind person despite all her worldly honors -- well, they're lying. . . She pretends to be nice to you, but she's just being smarmy! Typical of famous people. . . Case in point: It makes me sick how she says to you at the Battle Chateau, "Oh, I never expected to see YOU here! But silly me! -- [blah blah blah...]" See how she passive-aggressively insults you? Or maybe she's just stupid? Either way, she insults you in a smarmy way, and it's obvious! Um, HELLO, Diantha! What are you talking about, you bimbo!? I CREAMED you when I challenged the Elite Four! Surely you remember that, right? I'm the new rightful Champion now, remember? Why wouldn't I be here at the Battle Chateau, at the highest rank, kicking your butt for the SECOND time!?

Lysandre and I both agree: Diantha must be destroyed. If there is a sequel to X and Y, let's have Lysandre be the mighty heroic Champion, and have the evil Diantha ogre thrown into a volcanic crater to drown and burn in a pit of molten magma!

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